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A few weeks ago I decided to become an Internet Marketer! Well I was already to a point. I have a little Internet business that I have built up that is earning me quite a bit of money, however, I want to earn more! I am not a greedy person but I would like to have an income stream that is stress free,?constant, grows?consistently?and gives me some time to spend the money that I earn. Isn’t that what everyone wants? All the Internet offers promise that but what is it like to really do it. Can it work. Maybe. I am offering myself as a?guinea pig to try it all out and to see what happens. Find out how I get on on a daily basis visit my blog at and see if it is stress free and if it works. You can follow what I do as I explain everything that I do.?You are welcome to join in by posting questions. Hope to hear from you soon.

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