6. Experiment 1



After setting up this site according to a blue print and a ‘tip off’ about the product, I wanted to test the site with Google PPC (pay per click ads). However I immediately ran into problems with getting the site approved. Be warned about the horrors of offering a “Bridge page” to Google for promotion. See my article: ??http://www.play4gain.com/ways_to_make_money/2011/problems-with-google-approval/

After a delay of 3 weeks trying to resolve the Bridging page problem, I have decided to start to build links to the site. In order to do this, I feel the need for some structured planning as I have bought a number of domain names now. To both plan and track I have devised a set of interlinked spreadsheets that should keep me reasonably organised. The general idea is to create 10 inbound links or “back links” a day from external websites. This is easier said than done if not for any other reason than staying?consistent. Anyway here is my solution. You can navigate through the sheets by clicking the links. I will update the information from time to time:

Website planning, tracking and organisation spreadsheets

You will notice the other site too (my-iheater.com) which is the subject?experiment?2.

Work in progress please call back in a few days and subscribe to the feeds!



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