3. Affiliate Marketing

Setting up an account and?organising?the hosting

This is the area that really interests me. I have been thinking about being a serious affiliate since 1995 but have never got round to it. However today is the day that I am going to start. I am going to track what I do and let you have the information so you can follow me to success – I hope!

An affiliate marketer is, simply put, ?an ‘on-line salesman’. Like any salesman, if you make a sale you get paid commission. Affiliate marketing is a hi-tec way to make sales, track sales and get paid. To rapidly?summarise the?technical implementation, let’s just say that when a visitor clicks an affiliate link on an affiliate marketer’s website, to go to another website offering affiliate commissions, a small unique identifier also passes to the target website. Subsequently, this identifier becomes associated with any sales made and commission is paid. This process has of course become very complex as third parties have moved in to promote and?verify?that commissions are paid. I suggest you start by signing up with?this one. It’s has been around for a long time and pays up to 75% commission.

After you sign up you can search for different products in ‘Marketplace’. When you find one you want to sell. Press the ‘promote button’ and you will get a link. Here is one I did for what looks like a really good ebook about something you will?defiantly?need at some stage whatever your business;?Google Adwords😕Click Here!

I have worked as a salesman in the ‘real world’ and found it to be good well paid work but with some drawbacks. If you have worked in sales you will know that it is a constant cycle of finding new customers and keeping old customers sweet. The ratio between finding new customers and keeping old customers sweet?depends?on what you are selling. However, it is generally true that it is much easier to sell to your existing customer base than to sell to new people. This is because your customers start to know and to trust you. I have found that to be the case on-line too. New customers dip their toes with a small?purchase?and then after receiving a good service, they will buy again very often in larger quantities. It is therefore very important to have a system to keep in touch with your customers. I have done some research and I have found a good site. Not only are they the lowest cost service of its kind that I have found they also offer an affiliate program. I would say though affiliate program or not I would have?recommended?them anyway.?Click here to create an account then I shall explain what to do:?Email marketing system

There is little point in telling you detailed instructions on how to embed the code as you can follow the instructions on the site after you have registered. ?However, you should be able to embed it beside you page, see Appearance, Widgets. Drag a new text widget to one of the areas and embed your code there. ?The important thing is to understand the overview. We need to collect contact information (email addresses) for people who are interested in our services and use the email addresses to send interesting and useful messages to our clients and potential clients. Even though there is a small cost is well worth setting up because it provides some useful services. If you want to make money this type of system is a pretty much essential part of the requirements. You can get free systems that offer some of the features available but even then you need to be very?technically?savvy with email systems. I started to use an open source product called?Dada mail some months ago but on its own it is not enough. Assuming you have your sendmail/SMTP servers configured correctly, you will need to have your domains configured for SPF, sender ID and possibly DKIM otherwise all you mail will land in the spam boxes or not even get to your target email addresses. On top of that you need to handle spam complaints and there are a host of other technical problems including installing the software with a suitable host. Emailing now is about building a good reputation for your domain name so you really need as much help as possible.?An email marketing system is well worth the small monthly charge. In order to use the email collection widgets, you are going to need a hosting account. In the past I have used 123-reg for web hosting which from only ?2.49 a month. Buy now!

Domains from 123-reg from only ?2.99

They provide a useful DNS management system which means you can easily manage your domain names. For example you can create www.mydomain.com and accounts.mydomain.com or pretty much anything else on those lines. The domain names are a reasonable cost so it may be worth getting a new one to start your new project. The cost of hosting is very low and I can tell you that I use them too. I suggest you sign up for a Linux hosting package as all my hosting is done on Linux so you will be able to use my code examples. If you do as I suggest and take up an email marketing system and 123-reg you will have a monthly bill of about 5.57?+ ?2.49 = ?8.06 or about $12.90. Not much really is it. You are now in a position where you can soon start to collect email addresses and mail up to 5000 people an unlimited number of emails. However, I recommend the Linux plus package because this is suitable for WordPress which actually requires quite a bit of memory to run correctly. I will talk about WordPress and why it should be used later.

For now lets check out the 123-reg.co.uk hosting deal. At the time of writing this article, if you set up a 1 year domain name (.com) with a 3 month billing cycle (using the Linux plus deal which I would recommend), it will currently cost you an initial ?41.94 with nothing to pay for 3 months. Then you will have to pay ?14.99 every quarter totalling ?44.97 giving a grand total for the year of ?86.91. If you do the same package but pay for the whole year up front, it will cost you ?83.84. Still if you think about it in monthly terms that is only ?7.24 per month plus Imnica Mail at ?5.57 giving you a total of ?12.81. So there you have it, all the hosting outlay you need to make a fortune on the Internet.

If you want to convert these costs to your own currency just type this into the search box at Google.com “12.81 GBP to USD” USD is US dollars just change USD for you own currency code to do the conversion.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact
The companies that I have mentioned are UK based so I have included some ads from some US based firms too. Some are offering a free trial so why not give them a try? Below is collection of alternative hosting suppliers.

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $6.95

Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account





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