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The next big thing in SEO,?Apparently is web content syndication with RSS. It has been round long enough and tipped to be a replacement for email.

In the Google SEO Starter Guide it says that having good content and a reputation in your field is more important than?optimising your meta tags and on-page elements ?RSS (Really Simple Syndication) sends your content to other websites and helps build back links, which adds up to a very effective SEO strategy. Here is a link to the guide

I already have several pages pages set up and yesterdays work involved setting up the Meta tags properly and getting rid of duff code that was spoiling my HTML and CSS validation see: It seems that WordPress adds quite a lot of code snippets that the world is not quite ready for and some of them cause the validator to fail. I found a good plugin (WP-Beautifier)?to help me where you can write some simple regular expressions to help remove some of the offending code strings. ?Mostly they related to as yet unknown microformats and rel links.


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